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pretty in punk

would you mind if i sat next to you and watch you smile.

26 July
, afi, auf der maur, bananaphone, bass, beach, beautiful people, belt buckles, black and white photos, black eyeliner, blink 182, bo selecta, body modification, boypants, boys crying, boys kissing, brand new, bright eyes, brody dalle, bumble bees, butterflies, cheques, cherries, converse, critters, customised guitars, daisy chainsaw, dan, dickies, dolly dearest, ebay, electric 6, emo, emo glasses, enya, fall out boy, female fronted bands, frogs, gigs, glitter, guitar, h&m, hair clips, handcuffs, hats, head automatica, headbands, hearts, hot topic, hurley, inme, jack off jill, jessicka fondera, katie jane garside, kissing, kittie, ladybirds, le sex, licking, lip piercings, little britain, little mermaid, local bands, long scarves, love, marilyn monroe, maroon 5, mary janes, me to you bears, mega drive, messy hair, my chemical romance, my little pony, nautical stars, new found glory, nipples, northern city clothing, old school games, pandora, perfection, photography, piercings, pimp my ride, pinstripe, plectrums, pretty girls make graves, pt cruisers, punk, punk rock, queen adreena, rad hair, ribbon, riot grrl, rockabilly, roses, sarcasm, scarling., sex, showers, skinny fit, skinny guys, skulls, sleeping, slip on vans, socks, spongebob squarepants, stars, sticky out hip bones, story of the year, studded belts, stupid little things, sugarcult, suicide girls, super mario, swimming, tacky things, taking back sunday, tango adverts, tattoos, the clash, the crow, the cure, the day after tomorrow, the distillers, the used, torrid, tsunami bomb, vinyl, wit, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard